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Hi. It is my job to help you understand all the facets of Long Term Care Insurance.  That means I need to understand your goals and wishes for not just your retirement years, but for what happens if a disaster strikes right now. You need to have a plan.  You need to have the proper insurances in place before tragedy strikes.

There are many different ways a long term care insurance plan can be set up. If you want to talk about it and get more information, lets start now. It takes some time.

Get in touch.

For a quick calculation of the cost of care in the Portland, Maine area, around Maine, and the National median see for yourself using Genworths Cost of Care calculator. Are you looking for a nursing home or long term care facility here in Maine? Use this Nursing Home Compare tool.

So do you have the savings or the assets to liquidate to pay for long term care? Who is going to take care of you if something happens? What is your plan?

Need some more data? I found the results of this survey absolutely staggering.  This takes about 2 minutes to complete and the results are alarming, especially the number of hours spent by family members caring for a loved one. Take this quick Long Term Care Survey by sponsored by Medicare.

Here is a quick and easy contact form for you. Just fill in your name and how you want to be reached or provide more info for a quote if you want. You won't get flooded by dozens of replies, trust me. I will get in touch with you soon. 


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